All About Podiatrists


It is highly possible that someone advised you to visit a podiatrist in Singapore if you have ever experienced any foot pain or injury. You may also be wondering what a podiatrist does. Are they doctors or Physiotherapists? What steps will they take to treat you better?

Indeed, podiatrists are the top foot doctors. They are medical specialists with specialised training that enables them to prevent, identify, manage, and recover from illnesses and ailments that affect the lower limbs and feet. For example, the effects that systemic illnesses like diabetes and lupus might have on your feet can also be treated by a podiatrist. Additionally, they can issue prescriptions for medicines as necessary, such as antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections in the feet.

To earn their degree, podiatrists must complete a degree programme at a podiatric medical school, which involves years of clinical practice where they can apply what they have learned. Many foot doctors continue their studies after earning their podiatry degree to acquire training in a more specialised area.

How Do They Work?

Podiatrists frequently collaborate with other medical specialists as part of a multidisciplinary team in their daily practice. Patients frequently need to receive care from numerous doctors, each skilled in a distinct area of treatment, because foot injuries can be complex and result from many different reasons. This interdisciplinary team consists of, among others, podiatrists, doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists.

Foot doctors, or podiatrists, are also prevention specialists. Simple preventative methods can help you avoid a lot of painful foot ailments. By examining your gait and foot biomechanics and figuring out how to repair any anomalies before you suffer an accident or deformity, your podiatrist may assist you in achieving this. In addition, they can offer you the patient education you require to develop better behaviours and improve your general foot health.

Can They Help Kids?

Children also greatly value the work they do. A podiatrist can recommend the exercises and orthotics to rectify a child’s aberrant foot structure, such as flat feet or feet that tip inward. Giving your child a joyful, pain-free childhood may depend on getting this treatment when they are still young.

Podiatrists and their staff utilise their training to treat and prevent conditions that can prohibit us from living full lives. Although it’s sometimes simple to forget about them, our feet are intricate structures that enable us to walk, jump, run, and do our daily activities. As a result, any disease that results in foot discomfort can be very burdensome. Podiatrists are available to assist you in getting back in great shape and leading a regular life.

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