What Cutting Tool Do You Need in the Home?


Cutting tools are very handy in and around the home for lots of different applications. But with so many different cutting tools on the market, which ones are the best for everyday home use? Moreover, which ones might you need if you are taking on some more specialized jobs in the home? Hopefully, the following paragraphs will point you in the right direction.

Everyday Cutting in the Home

There are things that you will need to cut every day as you go about your business in the home. It might be that plastic packaging that you simply cannot rip or tear, no matter how hard you try. Or maybe it’s a batch of chicken breasts that you want to cut into strips quickly and easily. For this a kitchen shears is a basic tool that makes life easier. Provided you wash the shears after every use, you can utilize it for a multitude of purposes. If you are cutting meat and other items, then it is best to clean the shears with a cleaning solution that contains antibacterial properties.

For cutting things like cardboard and paper, a paper trimmer is the ideal cutting tool. However, if you have trouble operating this due to arthritis or another painful joint condition, you could invest in a spring-loaded scissors that will make it much easier to cut. This type of cutting tool works when you push it closed. When you loosen your grip, it will spring open and stop cutting.

A fabric scissors is great to have if you like to sew and mend clothing. Nevertheless, make sure that you keep your fabric scissors for fabric only as it will quickly dull if you start to use it for other things, such as cutting paper or rigid plastic.

For cutting in the garden, a pruning shears is a must. This will not only help when trimming away dead parts of your plants, but it can also be used to trim hedges and branches.

Occasional Cutting and DIY Jobs

Many tools are considered essential for DIY jobs around the home, with a drill being one of the more commonly used. A drill cuts holes in various materials including wood, metal, and plaster board. When hanging items such as TV brackets, kitchen cabinets, or a light fixture, you are going to need a drill to cut a hole first.

A saw is also a useful tool and is the go-to when cutting wooden boards, tiles, lengths of plastic, and much more. However, according to the experts at Devour Tools (https://www.devourtools.com), there are plenty of choices when it comes to saws. They say that hand saws are great for small jobs but when it comes to cutting tiles or large pieces of timber, an electric saw with diamond metal blades will make the job quicker and easier.

A cutting pliers is another handy tool because it not only allows you to snip wires, but it can also be used to grip items tightly (such as a wire or a nail) so that it can be twisted, cut, or loosened.


Most people do not realize the amount of cutting that they do in the home on a daily basis until they find themselves without a cutting tool like a scissors or shears. For everyday use, there are a variety of cutting tools that are handy to have but most people will get by with a simple scissors.

Nevertheless, when it comes to DIY jobs, more specialized tools are necessary. For cutting hard materials such as wood and tile, it may be necessary to either buy or hire an electric tool complete with diamond cutting blade.

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