A Complete Guide for Buying a Diesel Tank


Diesel tanks are essential for different industries, including transportation, construction, and agriculture. Whether you want to operate a farm or run trucks, having a dependable storage system to keep diesel will help save money and time while ensuring your machine runs smoothly.

However, with many options out there in the market, going for the right diesel tank can take time and effort. This is why, like buying a water container, you have to consider the following tips to help you purchase the right diesel tank:

1. Look at the Capacity and Size

The capacity and size of a diesel tank depend on the fuel amount you need as well as the available space in the tank. Always remember that large tanks need more placement space that you need to consider when deciding on the capacity and tank. The bigger the tank, the more fuel it can store, making it more helpful for people without access to a fuel station.

During emergencies, like severe weather, it will also be best to maintain contingency stock or enough buffer because it may disrupt everyday operations and affect the uptime of the equipment. Having on-site refueling options will help to improve production and expand the working hours of your equipment.

2. Go for the Right Type

There are different kinds of diesel tanks. This means you will surely find a diesel tank that is ideal for your needs, including the proposed location of the site tank and fuel consumption.

Like a water container, you will find steel and diesel tanks in every size. Plus, you can find single-skinned and bunded diesel tanks, including the accessories you require to make managing, securing, refilling, and dispensing fuel easy.

3. Consider the Intended Location

When finding a diesel tank, you have to consider the site’s location and environment. Make sure the tank you go for is suitable for the on-site location. If you buy one from experts, they may advise on key aspects, like separation distances away from buildings and other structures. It is also important to consider the area’s footprint before you buy any diesel tank.

4. Know the Storage Regulations

Everyone looking to store diesel in a tank with a 200-liter capacity should follow necessary storage regulations. The kind of regulation applying to your needs depends on the diesel quantity you want to store, whether it is for domestic or commercial applications.

Storage regulations for a diesel tank specify whether a container must have another or secondary containment, usually called a bund. This bund is simply an outer container surrounding the inner tank and storing fuel. It should have a capacity of 110% or more of the inner tank. The work of a bund is to catch spillages from inner tanks and minimize the risks of oil contaminating the environment and waterways.

Choosing the right diesel tank to meet your needs is a vital decision you can make. However, you must consider several factors, like storage regulations, intended location, type, and size & capacity, to ensure you buy the right diesel tank.

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