5 Tips For Setting Up A New Room


If you’re moving out and starting your first apartment, chances are you’ll need some new furniture. Before you buy everything, however, take these five tips into account to make sure you set up your new living space correctly. You’ll be happy you did when it comes time to decorate your new place!

1) Light

-Leave an area free in the middle of the room. It will provide balance, and it will allow for different uses for the space, as well-greater flexibility for decorating.

-Designate spaces on either side of the entry to serve as points of interest.

-Don’t underestimate a little color; paint is always an easy way to make a statement. And when selecting colors, create contrast: if you’re using light hues on the walls and furniture, choose darker shades or patterns elsewhere; or if you’re going with darker tones or fabrics it can make the romantic setup of the room, use lighter accents to keep things lively. -Light switches and power outlets should be easily accessible.

2) Paint

Painting walls is a simple and cheap way to update the look of any room in your house. There are some things that you need to know about before jumping into painting, however. Here are some tips for deciding how much paint to buy and how often to prime the wall.

The most important thing about buying the right amount of paint is not to overbuy. Painting on a vertical surface can be done with as little as two gallons (about 1 quart per square foot). However, if you are planning on doing an accent wall or want thicker coverage on a horizontal surface, then four gallons (about 1/2 quart per square foot) will cover approximately 200 sq ft.

3) Furniture

First, you need to know the size of the room. Then you will know how much furniture you will need. Do you want your furniture centred or against a wall? The next step is deciding what type of rug you want in your room and where it should go. Once all these decisions are made, it’s time to set up your furniture! Start with the rug and work your way out into the room, taking care not to leave any empty spaces.

4) Accessories

Cover your floor to protect it from dirt and other types of spills. Place some candles around the room as they make the space smell great. Hang up your wall art with hooks and frames. Create a section for your dresser, desk, or anything that needs a designated spot. Put lamps on each side of your bed for brightness when you wake up in the morning or read before you go to sleep at night. Finally, think about where to put any electronics like computers, televisions, speakers, and game consoles so that there is good access without too much visual clutter.

5) Create a Mood Board

Where do you start when trying to set up a new room? After deciding on a theme, it’s time to gather decor and find furniture. Take these five steps to create a beautiful, personalized space.

First, consider the room’s purpose. If it’s for work or school, finding an ergonomic chair with armrests will help prevent aches and pains. If the room is more of an entertainment centre, making sure you have ample surfaces for TV viewing and playing games will be important. Large desks can feel overwhelming in small rooms without adequate storage space. This can lead to wasted time looking for pens, losing game pieces, and struggling with messy drawers. Stashing away frequently used items like microwaves helps with clutter too – just remember where they’re located!

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