Things You Should Know Before Getting Eyeliner Embroidery


Aesthetic treatments have recently been relatively prevalent since they improve our appearance and physical appeal. People get similar treatments done on them, such as eyebrow and lip embroidery in Singapore. But what about eyeliner embroidery?

Well, this essay discusses everything you should know before undergoing an eyeliner embroidery technique.

What Exactly Is Eyeliner Embroidery?

Eyeliner embroidery, like eye makeup, is essentially a semi-permanent process.

Depending on your desire, you may get it done on either the lower or upper eye line. This technique improves your overall beauty by giving your eyes a more rejuvenated, alert, and defined appearance. Organic plant dyes are typically employed with the most recent microshading technology to provide excellent effects comfortably. Skin sensitivity is not an issue because the dyes are natural. Furthermore, the pigment remains constant and will not change hue over time.

We give some facts and ideas to assist you in making the most of this technique to help you decide whether to opt for the best eyeliner embroidery Singapore has to offer.

1) Eyeliner Embroidery is Similar to Getting a Semi-Permanent Tattoo.

Most people believe that eyeliner embroidery is a permanent process. However, it is not.

The pigment injected into the skin does not last forever, much like a semi-permanent tattoo. Its visibility frequently declines with time. Eyeliner embroidery typically lasts about a year, but it may last longer if you follow the aftercare instructions carefully. Touch-ups may be required after a year to ensure that the pigment remains equally distributed throughout the skin. It’s also worth noting that the ink used in conventional body tattoos is far more intrusive and penetrates considerably deeper than the ink used in eyeliner embroidery.

2) You Must Not Use Blood Thinners for at Least 4-5 Days Before the Surgery.

We recommend that consumers refrain from using blood thinners such as Accutane, fish oils, and aspirin for at least 4-5 days before the treatment. The surgery itself has relatively minimal danger. However, it would be best if you refrained from taking drugs shortly before the operation as a precaution. Furthermore, if you are unwell or have any conditions that make it difficult for you to recuperate, you should avoid this operation to be on the safe side.

3) You Have Two Options for Eyeliner.

When scheduling an eyeliner embroidery session, you have two options for eyeliner styles:

  • The first is known as inner eyeliner. The pigment is applied between your lashes in this technique to create a darker lash line, resulting in an incredibly subtle lash augmentation that seems quite natural.
  • The other style is a little more in that it is more defined. The pigment is applied across the lash line in this scenario (like you would use liquid eyeliner). This eyeliner embroidery method is popular among those who do not want to use it daily.

4) The Procedure is Not Painful.

Finally, many people worry if eyeliner embroidery hurts. Typically, technicians apply a numbing lotion to the treatment region. As a result, the procedure is pleasant, with minimal discomfort at best.

Even if you have a poor pain threshold, you should find it tolerable. However, if you feel discomfort or it becomes too much, you may ask the aesthetician to stop before continuing.


Eyeliner embroidery is a terrific method to define your eyes more and make them stick out on your face. With this technique, you won’t have to worry about smudged eyeliner or over-the-top eye makeup. To achieve ideal outcomes, the only thing to remember is to select the finest makeup service in Singapore for the operation.

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